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Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd ("we", “our”, "us" or “HMA”) is the issuer of the financial products described or available on this website. You can download a PDS from our website for more information. You should consider it before making a decision to acquire or continue to hold our products. Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number (326907) which authorises HMA to provide financial services to residents in Australia.

Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd (以下簡稱 “我們” 或“HMA”) 是本網站所描述的或由本網站所獲取的金融產品的發行商。您可以從我們的網站下載一份風險披露聲明書(PDS)來取得更多相關信息。您應該仔細考慮後再決定是否購買或繼續持有我們的產品。Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd持有由澳大利亞證券與投資委員會(ASIC)頒發的金融服務牌照(AFSL牌照號碼: 326907),它授權我們向澳大利亞境內居民提供金融產品和服務。

Warning: Internet Trading Risks
There are risks associated with using an Internet Trading System including, but not limited to: errors in hardware, software, internet connection and any force majeure (i.e. flood, extraordinary weather condition, earthquake, or other act of God, fire, war, insurrection, riot, labor dispute, accident, action of government, communications, power failure or equipment or software malfunction etc). Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Limited or our affiliates ("we", “our”, "us" or “HMA”) cannot control the signal power, its reception or routing via Internet, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for any communication failure, distortion or delay (although we will attempt to minimize the possibility of system failure.)
使用互聯網交易系統進行交易是有一定風險的,這些包括但不限於:硬件、軟件或互聯網鏈接錯誤以及任何無可抗拒的事件(例如: 洪水、異常天氣狀況、地震、或其他天災、火災、戰爭、反叛、暴亂、勞工糾紛、事故、政府行為、通信、電力故障或設備及軟件失常等等)。Hantec Markets (Australia) Pty Limited及我們的附屬公司(以下簡稱 “我們” 或“HMA”)無法控制信號強度,其透過互聯網的接收情況,以及您設備的配置或其鏈接的可靠性。因此,我們無法對任何通信故障、延遲或失真負責(儘管我們會嘗試降低系統故障的可能性)。

Warning: Risks of Margin Trading
Trading in Foreign Exchange and Bullion, particularly Margin Trading, involves the potential upside for profit-making as well as the downside risk of loss-making which may vastly exceed the amount of money you commit to any trade(s) or transaction(s). Movements in the price of Foreign Exchange or Bullion rates will be influenced by a variety of factors of global origin. Many of which are unpredictable. Violent movements in the price of Foreign Exchange or Bullion rates may result in action by the market as a result of which you may be unable to settle adverse trades. Staff of HMA are unable to guarantee the accuracy of any market predictions (should they offer such predictions) and cannot guarantee a maximum loss that you may suffer.

General Advice Warning
Any general advice provided by HMA , on its website or via its trading platform, does not take into account regarding your financial situation, personal objectives or needs. Before using any of HMA’s services, you should obtain and read its Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully, then consider your objectives, financial situation and needs and take all reasonable steps to fully understand the possible outcomes of trades and strategies that can be employed using the HMA trading platform. You should seek independent financial advice to ensure that a particular product is best suited to your financial situation and requirements.

Leveraged FX
HMA manages its client Leveraged FX positions by means of an Intelligence Pricing System (IPS) provided by Currenex which generates HMA’s dealing price stream for client trading by aggregating all executable streaming prices from its trading counterparties so that designated high risk client positions can be hedged back-to-back in the interbank market by means of Straight Through Processing (STP). Positions will also be off-loaded to counterparties automatically once preset risk limits are triggered. The automatic position management system allows us to determine the maximum position, maximum loss, maximum risks per trade size on a currency pair basis.
HMA通過由Currenex提供的智能定價系統(IPS)管理其客戶槓桿式外匯交易頭寸,該系統匯總其交易對手方的所有可執行價格生成HMA的客戶的交易價格,并將高風險客戶頭寸通過直通式處理(STP)在銀行同業市場上進行對沖以避風險。 一旦達到預設的風險限額,倉位也會自動下放給交易對手方。我們使用自動倉位管理系統確定每種貨幣對的最大交易倉位、最大虧損額度和最高風險限額。

Overall Position Risk Management
The Risk Management Department in Hong Kong (Head Office) is responsible for setting trading limits for all Dealing Rooms within the Group including HMA, subject to approval by the Group’s Executive and Risk Management Committee.


Trading limits are determined according to: 
i) financial capacity of each subsidiary; 
ii) experience of the dealer; and,
iii) market scenarios such as directions and volatility. 
i) 每個子公司的財務能力;
ii) 交易員的經驗;以及
iii) 市場波動等情況

Manned by at least 2 staff at all times, the Risk Management Department has access to all trading platforms as well as back office systems to monitor the preset limits. It compiles a Group Daily Report which is based on the trade reports submitted by the dealing department. These reports are circulated to the Group’s Managing Director.


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